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  • Hi,
    I have about 100 sub directories under category 3 and I would like display random 12 sub directories every time people refresh the page.

    this is what I have so far but it’s not returning anything
    My first help would be: how to retrieve all the sub categories id and store them into an array? and once that stored into an array I can then do a random function to route that array.

      'child_of' => '3',
      'number' =>'12'
    foreach ($categories as $cat) : ?>


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  • I think this is what you want:

      'child_of' => '3',
    $categories = get_categories($args);
    $number_to_show = min(12, sizeof($categories));
    $picks = array_rand($categories,$number_to_show);
    foreach ($picks as $pick) {
       $cat = $categories[$pick];
       echo "<p>Category = $cat->name</p>";
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