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  • I am looking to display some featured objects at the top of my site, based on category/taxonomy, for multiple types.

    Basically, I have a custom post type, “Reviews” that has a custom taxonomy, “Platforms”.

    Platforms has an entry called “PC”.

    I also have my standard “post” type, which has categories including “PC”.

    I’m looking to display anything that has a category/platform set to “PC”. Basically I want to show the user everything that has to do with PC, whether it be a normal post or my custom Review type.

    It looks like it has grouped the PC category and PC taxonomy with the same ID in the wp_term_taxonomy table.

    When I use the following it gets me all posts that have the category of “PC” applied to them.


    How do I add the “Reviews” with a platform of PC to the list? I’ve tried many things, including..


    But I can’t get it to return the custom post type..

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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