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  1. AardvarkGirl
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Category Structure:

    Testimonials (id 7)
    - Visitors (id 20)
    - Puppy Purchases (id 38)

    Hunting Dog News (id 5)


    I want to pull posts in from "Hunting Dog News" and Puppy Purchases on to a page.

    I've tried a few things from the forum but end up with ALL posts from id 5 and id 7.

    As a side note;

    ALL testimonial posts are being double categorized as 'Testimonials' and either as a 'Visitor' or a 'Puppy Purchases'.
    Is this the correct way to assign a post if you want them as a 'testimonial' and more specifically as a 'visitor' (as well) - or once a post is marked as a 'visitor' (a child) it automatically gets assigned as a 'testimonial' (the parent).

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