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  • Hi there

    I want to have a link with a specific parameter directed to my post.

    then i want an image at that post to redirect to another page on my site –

    i want the parameter to pass from the first link, to the image-click, and then on the page itself – to load an iframed website that includes that parameter.

    so it goes like that:

    1st link is:(not a real domain.)

    I want tth to be the parameter that will show on the banner on that very same page, so when i click the banner it will go to:

    and this page (no. 80) will load a totally different url that is being iframed with this tth parameter.

    now – i think there is no need to redirect the 2nd page and iframe the 3rd page on it. but you are the pros..

    help anyone?

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