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  • I have cron jobs set in WordPress that are supposed to be executed to run features on my WordPress websites. But unless I get visitor traffic to the websites, the cron jobs (from within WordPress) don’t run.

    I was curious if it’s possible and if anyone knows of a way that I can create an external cron job (on my server) that I could set up and run every 5 minutes or so, that would automatically force WordPress to run the cron jobs that are set up within WordPress and WordPress Plugins.

    This way, regardless of the actual traffic to my site, I’m hoping that an external cron job, may be able to trigger the /wp-cron.php file .. on a scheduled basis would work.

    Can anyone advise me as to if this will work, and how to set up an external cron job (in cPanel) that would run every 5 or 10 minutes, throughout the day, every day .. so the cron jobs (within WordPress as well as within other plugins) would automatically run .. regardless of actual website visitor traffic?

    Or is there another and better solution?



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