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  • I clicked a link on my IPhone on a blog I read to download the WordPress app. I did this because I thought it might make it easier for me to post comments on this blog.

    Exactly the opposite. I find that WordPress has “hijacked” my email address and now I can only post there as my “username”, not my real name, as I would prefer. I find I now have a blog, which I didn’t want.

    I want to terminate my account and get rid of my IPhone app. I just want to read blogs and comment occasionally. I don’t want a blog.

    How may I do this?

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  • Thank you. At least you’re not just deflecting blame to the App. But your first link doesn’t get me what I need. There is no Options -> Delete Blog option on the dashboard. That help page was written in 2006. Neither does your second link. There is no “Delete Site” on my Dashboard.

    What is the way to do this in 2014?

    Please try and do it from pc. use the same credentials as your mobile to login first.

    OK, I found Delete Site.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    What were you expecting the WordPress App to do, exactly?

    The WordPress App will let you make posts, comments, and other such things on any WordPress site. It will let you do it on a blog, or it will let you do it on a blog running the standalone WordPress software on your own hosting. You can connect it to multiple blogs, and it has an easy interface for creating a blog on-the-fly as well.

    If you want to delete your account, go over to and delete your account. On a PC, not on your phone.

    But the app isn’t specific to, it will work with any WordPress site. So again, what did you expect it to do? If we know that, then maybe we can give you better advice.

    Boychik, what you were being told is this is a dot com issue. This is dot org and they don’t host the dot com blogs as far as I know. I can feel your frustration. Take a deep breath as this may take time to fix. It isn’t costing you gelt or your resources. This is minor. You weren’t hacked or hijacked. A little inconvenience, a little tsoris.

    Thank you Sick Squirrel.

    I have mostly gotten what I wanted. I would prefer that I have no relationship with wordpress so that other wordpress blogs, where I used to log in with my email address, would not attempt to link my email address to wordpress. I even went to the extent of changing the email address associated with my unwanted but undeletable account to an address I never use. Is this perhaps a latency issue, that eventually my email address will no longer appear to wordpress blogs as being linked to my wordpress id?

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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