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  • I clicked a link on my IPhone on a blog I read to download the WordPress app. I did this because I thought it might make it easier for me to post comments on this blog.

    Exactly the opposite. I find that WordPress has “hijacked” my email address and now I can only post there as my “username”, not my real name, as I would prefer. I find I now have a blog, which I didn’t want.

    I want to terminate my account and get rid of my IPhone app. I just want to read blogs and comment occasionally. I don’t want a blog.

    How may I do this?

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Where did you download “the WordPress app” from?

    the Apple App Store. But it affects not only my IPhone, but any computer I try to read the blog from.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Can you double-check who the authors of the app are?

    I can, but as I’ve tried to indicate, the problem does not appear to be with the app, but with the fact that I now have an account and a blog that I don’t want. I could delete the app easily, but it won’t solve the problem because I have an undesired account with WordPress that interferes with what I want to do.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    It still might be something to discuss with the authors of the app.

    The app is WordPress for iOS version 4.0 from

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I think you can contact them on‘s forums:

    Thanks, but I don’t see why you keep harping on that. What I really want is to cancel my WordPress account, get rid of my blog and disassociate it from my email address. How can that be done? Why isn’t there a way to do it on the web page?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You’re just asking in the wrong place, please take the advice and talk to where someone from Automattic can respond. We just cannot help you here.

    I want to DELETE my account. I don’t want a blog, I never did. I ESPECIALLY don’t want to have my email address associated with a blog I don’t want. Why the HELL isn’t there a way to do that? I was enticed into doing this by a link on a WordPress blog. I thought it might make my experience reading blogs hosted on WordPress better. It hasn’t done that, it’s made it worse.

    Had I known what I was getting into I never would have clicked it. Why is the Volunteer Moderator attempting to deflect my question to the the creator of an IPhone WordPress app, which is just client software, when my real question, as I’m now stating for the fourth time is why can’t I delete my account use my email address as I always have before in commenting on WordPress blogs.

    I do find this:
    However, I can’t do this. There is no “Tools” item on my Dashboard and no “Delete site” option.

    Would you please tell me why you think Automattic is to blame here? I am not using my IPhone now, nor their app. I’ll bet you 100-to-1 that if I go now to my IPhone and delete that application, it won’t do one thing for me. This computer has no idea that I have such an application on my IPhone. I believe that registering with that app or registering here on this web site amount to one and the same thing. I’m not an idiot. I’m a software developer and I know how these things work. My problem is not an app that isn’t functioning, it’s an account in WordPress’s system.

    To read please install rss reading apps
    To comment just follow the normal procedure to visit the site and comment

    WordPress app is good if you own a blog.

    Thank you Marvel Labs member. But as I said above, since I got this blog which I don’t want, I cannot comment as I always have on another wordpress blog. I can’t leave a comment with my email address because it says there’s a wordpress blog associated with it, i.e. mine. I can leave a comment with that, but it insists on using my WordPress username, not my actual name, as I’ve used before.

    It feels to me as though WordPress has hijacked my identity.


    We understand

    You can always unregister and delete the account

    Deleting Accounts

    Uninstall the app as well.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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