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  • This sounds like a fantastic plugin for all it has for free. However if the only way to contact or get support is to pay and they make no bones about that fact then can you afford to waste your time when it doesn’t work. Which for us was constantly. And they tout and show / list all the add ons they have for it but look at the dates and which version of WP is supported. They haven’t been updated in 2 years and are not tested (ie they have issues) with the newer versions of WP. So not sure if they do not work or they do not work with latest versions either way wasted days trying to undo and redo they in hopes of fixing itself. Look at the number of issues that have been resolved versus the number of issues being brought up. Do not feel comfortable laying out the big bucks for the pro do to that and that the add ons will still probably not work. Imagine paying the $$$ and finding that the non free add ons suffer the same obsolence issues.. Had high hopes and maybe it was great once but they seem to be in over their heads now. Too bad.

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