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  • Hiya all 🙂

    I am using this ‘<?php get_links_list(); ?>’ to display my links manager links in my sidebar.

    Now I would also like to dedicate a whole page to these links showing link Category, the links, the link description (notes) and when last updated.

    Can I do this and also have the above in tags?

    For example:

    Category Name
    Category Link
    Category description

    I have had a little peak st the codex but it does not seem to cover this.

    Any help would be great 🙂

    Many thanks

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  • li Category Link /li
    li Category description /li
    li Date /li

    create a new template (refer to codex on how to create one) called mylinks.php or something to that effect and upload it.

    Create a page within WP, name it and save it. When you click on the page it should display the items as requested.

    Remember, your template must contain the code you want. So if you want:

    For example:

    '<h3>Category Name</h3>
    # Category Link
    # Category description
    # Date

    Then you have to have those within the template. Read the documentation for the codex as there are some important things that need to be included to work as a template, otherwise you may suffer from parse errors or it simply may not work.

    With a seperate template you can remove or add as much as you want. You can then link it as a page, since you will have created one.

    Hope that makes sense

    Hi there,

    I am actually referring to the content of the tag that is dynamically generated 🙂

    you can use those tags within a template if you want – still perhaps someone else understands your question better:)

    Good luck

    anyone please?

    Sorry to be a pain 🙂


    Fiona – at least insofar as we have understand the question – you have already been given the answer.

    I am using 1.22 but I thought that things went between the () to format how I needed. Sorry about the non-techy description 🙂

    Any further suggestions?

    F – Help us help you. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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