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  • Hi there,

    I have designed a page for my links. Now I use get links in my side bar but for the main page I would really like to show my ‘Short description’ text on the page.

    For example:

    Link Cat: Something here
    The Link
    The link short dexcription

    This is all I have at present: ‘<?php get_links_list(); ?>’

    Can this be done?


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  • This is what I currently have:
    ‘<?php get_links(‘-1’, ‘

  • ‘, ‘
  • ‘, ‘
    ‘, FALSE, ‘id’, TRUE, TRUE, -1, TRUE); ?>’

    but I need to show:
    category first in h3 tag
    Link name in li tag
    short description in p tag

    What do I need to do please?


You might try the wp get links tag. Heads up in the Codex

Thats what I am using hust not ure how to implement my needs 🙂


Not quite. get links is not the same as wp get links.

Thanks. sorry I misread your post. I’m afraid it still don’t do what I need though.




Well you have been given the pointer you need. What else do you want?

Well I am not a PHP guy and am totally confused as you can see, it’s nearly 24 hours later and still I am stuck on this.

In the old days I used to get a lot of assistance but the community has changed since wp started.

All I wanted to show was my links in a certain way, for example:
‘<h3>Link Category</h3>’

  • The actual Link name’
  • The link description

  • Date link Posted

and I have no idea how to do this 🙁

Thanks for you time.

sorry back ticks gone weird.
Should be a UL here
li here – The actual Link name
li here – The link description
li here – Date link Posted
closing ul here

Respond, come on!!

Er…. this thread was a year and a half old….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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