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    I need to show only jobs created by a specific user. I can’t find anything in the [jobs] shortcode documentation that helps. I have looked at all 49 pages of results here in the support forum, and I only found a couple posts that even mention something similar, neither have answers.

    I did find these filters from the forums here (which are impossible to find in the documentation on your website)


    There doesn’t seem to be any documentation for those anywhere. So I looked at the code on github. It doesn’t seem to offer any help here either.

    How do I get and display jobs created by a specific user? My use case is showing the jobs a user created in a tab on their buddypress profile. I can create the tab just fine in my functions.php, so its there and works. But I dont have code to display their jobs.

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    The [job_dashboard] shortcode shows only the jobs created by the current logged-in user:

    I think that this is exactly what you need; what do you think?

    Thanks for the response! But that isn’t what I need. What I need is a way for any user viewing my profile on the site to see a tab on my profile (like all buddypress pages are) and when they view it, it should show the exact same output as the [jobs] shortcode, just the list. But it should be only the ones I posted.

    Our community is a bunch of marketers who might be making opportunities for each other. So they will want to see what offers that one user has made.

    So I need to be able to use the [jobs] shortcode with a parameter for user id.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    Ah, I understand now. There’s no way to do so with just a shortcode. You’ll have to create some custom code and run a query looking for posts in the jobs CPT created by the user. I see you created the feature request for the shortcode parameter:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else to offer at this point, since I can’t help with custom code.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Archambault


    I’m marking this thread as Resolved as it’s been more than a month since the last reply. If you still need help, please do reply again and mark the thread as Unresolved!

    It’s definitely not resolved. There is still no way to get a specific users jobs with any kind of shortcode. And no sample code for doing it seems to exist anywhere.

    The biggest thing for me is just wondering, how is this not a thing everybody needs?

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