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    Hello everyone on and Happy New Year!!!!!

    I am working around to show up on front end some travel offers like they are posts, I was thinking to create categories and sub-categories for each “identification-offer field”. But in this way I thought it would get a lot messed so it isn’t a clear solution and I thought about using a separate table called like tbl_offers with columns like offer_title, continent, state, city, departure_airport, departure date, duration, offer description.

    But the thing I am unsure is this: how I can manage the have_posts() loop to look at that table to put contents in the posts like I am putting the title of the offer at the place of the_title() and the continent, state, city, departure airport, date and duration under the title as like I am picking the_author() and the_time() and the content in the place of the_post() without alterating the philosophy of the theme and wordpress itself….Plus I thought for this way because I guess I could also filter some offers/posts to see for example only offers to America….

    Do you have a suggest if there’s a clear way to do that to visualize offers like posts?….

    Thanks in advance to all for the suggest and have an happy year 2009 again!!!

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  • Instead of a separate posts table, I would look at using Custom Fields with posts. While you can create other tables in the same database as the rest of the tables and use the wpdb class, I don’t believe you will get a post loop to work with that.

    The Loop
    Stepping Into Template Tags
    Stepping Into Templates
    Template Hierarchy

    Hi MichaelH!

    Thanks for your answer!….
    “I would look at using Custom Fields with posts.”….. You mean for example I write those offers like “A beautiful weekend in Prague, Europe – From Milan Malpensa, Departure: Feb. 14, 2009 – A beautiful package in prague for two days for only $400,00” in a post then use custom fields to insert Prague, Europe, Milan Malpensa, 02/14/09 to be used to search the post ?


    Yes, but Categories and/or Tags might make sense also…just to confuse things 😉

    Create a couple of posts using categories and tags, change to the WordPress Default Theme and see if you like the results.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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