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    Hello Team,

    Can I get a block page layout from the page ID? I need to show one page on the admin side widget preview with the same style design as the front side. Please include all front CSS and JS files.

    Can you help me on this?

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    Hello @amit648,

    I’m unsure what you mean by a “block page layout.” It sounds like you want to know how to get the CSS from the front end and apply it in the admin dashboard.

    You can always use your developer tools to review the CSS and JS provided on the page. However, Kadence blocks aren’t designed to be added to the WordPress dashboard, if that’s what you mean. They require the Gutenberg editor.

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    Hello @ghernkadence,

    I want to simply display one front page on my admin dashboard. (https://i.imgur.com/g6KFD5L.png).

    So I got the content of the page from the page ID (https://i.imgur.com/2PzJNxh.png) and displayed it admin dashboard but didn’t affect any styles and scripts. I want to get all front CSS and JS on the admin dashboard. So it will look the same as the front side.

    Thank you

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    Hello @amit648

    Generally, front end and back end styles are different. You’ll want to use the admin_enqueue_scripts function to load styles and scripts to the admin. Take a look at the function and load the styles you need.

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    Hello @ghernkadence,

    is there any hook related to getting all Kadence and Block Editor’s CSS and JS?

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    Hi, Amit.

    I apologize for the delay in getting back to you here.

    When you’re editing a page, check your browser console log and you should see that all of our blocks CSS and JS files are already loaded – https://share.zight.com/geu7W79e

    Please could you clarify what you need to do?


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