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    Sorry but with all these deprecated functions I’m going crazy. I use 2.3.

    What I have to do to get a list of the posts inside a category?

    I want to also exclude the posts that are inside CHILD categories of THE category I’m getting the posts from.

    So, if I list the post of the category “news” I want to exclude all the posts that are inside the category “bad news” that is a “news” child category.

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  • Any Category_Template will list your posts in that category… and it is just a matter of editing the template file to display whatever you want: only title, title and excerpt, title and content etc.

    There used to be a plugin “no subcats”
    I have no idea if it works with 2.3

    No… I need to list the title/link of the posts in a certain category… for a SIDEBAR…

    Not the entire posts inside “a loop”.

    Then use a miniloop in the sidebar qith query_posts.


    What about the widget? Is it possible to create an instance of the rencent_posts and just display it?

    My problem is that I want to do that same thing, but inside a widget I did.

    Every time you get an answer you change your question 🙂
    Decide what you want and describe it in details…

    Oh man, I’m sorry I’m not good in explaining myself 😉
    It’s a good feature for a blogger.

    In my widget answer, I was talking about the “recent_posts” widget that is ALREADY present inside wodpress.

    I need to do exactly that thing… but I need to do inside a sidebar object that I’m developing, so I need the code that generates that “recent_posts” using the widget called “recent posts”.

    And what stops you from looking into the widgets file? You know that lately the widgets are built-in…

    I resolved without documentation cause I didn’t find any:
    <ul><?php wp_widget_recent_entries(array('number'=>'5', 'before_title'=>'<li><span>', 'after_title'=>'</span></li>', 'title'=>'Recent Posts:')); ?></ul>

    However thank you, of course I was obligated to watch at widgets.php.
    I didn’t knew that the widgets were here.

    The better solution was:
    <p><?php wp_get_archives('type=postbypost&limit=20'); ?></p>

    Bye and sorry for the mess 😀

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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