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  • wpsl-gmap.js#L104
    scrollwheel: Number( settings.scrollWheel ) ? true : false,
    should probably be something like this:
    scrollwheel: settings.gestureHandling === 'cooperative' ? null : Number( settings.scrollWheel ) ? true : false,

    This will allow cooperative gestureHandling to work as expected, i.e., mouse-controlled pan & zoom will not activate until the user clicks on the map.

    Also, would you be willing to store the the map instance within the data property of the element via jQuery? Since jQuery is already a requirement, it seems like it’s not much to ask that the map instance be stored in a way that it can be accessed by developers. Or if you only allow one instance of the map on a page, then a global variable could also be used, such as wpslMap or some such, I don’t know. Regardless, it would be awesome if I could manipulate the map using my own custom controls.

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