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  • please help! I am about to smash my computer against the wall.
    I just upgraded my b2 to the latest wordpress.
    but on the post I had just written, I had some ä ö and ü
    once published they became all crap meaningless symbols.
    the ones on my old posts were fine, just the new ones were wrong.
    I came here and saw that it could be the textile, I dont use it, so I deleted the plug-in.
    the problem was still there.
    I read here that I should change my unicode, so I did, then the new posts were fine, but the umlauts (ä ö ü ) were missing in the old ones.
    so i went to the german forums and found this link:
    I put the filter in my page but it didn’t help at all.
    there must be something else I can do?
    how come b2 worked just fine with umlauts?
    I would really like to upgrade to wordpress, but now I reset everything to b2 until I find a solution.

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  • what charset are you using at the moment?

    OK, first of all, don’t panic. If the umlauts in the old posts are fine, the problem will be easy to correct.
    In order for the non-ascii characters to be displayed correctly, the same character encoding must be used in three places: a) the encoding set in your WP options; b) the encoding in the “head” section of your template file and c) the actual encoding of the post text is using (if the other two are identical, the third will be right for new posts but not necessarily for old ones).
    Now it would be even easier to find out which of the three is at fault for you if you had given us your blog url.
    The issues are explained in multiple threads on these forums. You can start here and/or search for “international characters” or “utf-8” or somesuch.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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