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    i just translated the whole EDIT FLOW in German language. The new files are called “” and “edit-flow-de_DE.po”. I just uploaded the files and usually everything should be German now. But it is not.

    Are there any problems with that? Why are those text phrases not exchanged from English to German?


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  • Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Can you try using the development version? The text strings are loaded too soon in the current version.

    Also, would you consider submitting your translation for inclusion in the plugin?

    I searched for a contact adress to write you personally, because YES, I would send you the translation. It took much time to do it and I am thankful for this great plugin. So this would be my penny for this development πŸ™‚

    But first I want it to work in my WordPress – I want to check the plugin for missing translations and some little changes if necessary. After that I sen you the files.

    Do you use Skype?

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    That sounds fine. If you can complete in the next 24-48 hours, I’ll include it in the next release.

    Email or pull request would work best for the files. My email is d [at] danielbachhuber [dot] com

    Just have send you an email. Why “d [at] danielbachhuber” and not “d [at] nielbachhuber”? Would look nicer πŸ˜‰

    Plugin Author Daniel Bachhuber


    Heh. I thought about that. It might confuse people more than my last name already does πŸ™‚

    Yeah, thought you were from Germany, too πŸ™‚ I have such a kind of mailadress .. m [at] πŸ™‚ I like that.

    So let us write via E-Mail… you got mail πŸ™‚

    hey guys,

    could anybody of you please also send me the german translation files?
    …or when is the next release of your (really great) plugin scheduled?

    I would be very happy about the german version πŸ™‚


    This developer does not even said THANK YOU to me. He got my translation, but no reaction since then. Unbelievable.

    Ouh, what a pity! I can imagine, how much work it was to translate all that stuff! Do you run your plugin installation in german right now? Is it practicable with the current release version and your files?

    I would be deeply grateful to you, if you could send me your files πŸ™‚ If youΒ΄re willing to do so, here is my mail (also for skype): timokuj[at]


    Hi! Would it be possible to upload those german .mo .po files somewhere and get them without waiting for another release?
    Vielen Dank!

    Wait for the plugin developer. He does not even say THANKS, but wanted the files. Nice attitude, isn’t it? I will not provide support for him – I already did the whole translation.

    Hi meerderideen
    I wish that the developer gives you a big credit and thank you for your time and work on the translation. You should see a thanks to: on the plugin changelog site, same as for the japanese and frech translation.
    Now another release just passed by, but your files were not included?! Please, despite your anger, help others and provide your translation somwhere where we can find them?! my mail miklog @ THANKS!

    Hi, yes, my translation was not included. I have spend a lot of time and delivered the translation to the developer together with some thoughts to make the plugin even better AND some points where some words stay english even when the German translation was installed.

    But nothing helped. After some mails I was a little bit upset and angry that he did not even answer or help and I guess that was the point why this “developer” just said NO to the translation. That is not my problem, but it is not a good attitude.

    So if you all want my german translation, write to the author and make pressure. I will do nothing more in this subject. And if he finally releases the translation, he knows the credits to be shown (like usual).

    Have fun!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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