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  1. jonathanstegall
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    I'm currently setting up WordPress for a client who will be writing in German, and most of the readers will also be German. I don't know any German at all, so I'm a little confused in how to set up the site. I've seen http://de.wordpress.org/, but since I can't read it I was hoping that I could confirm that I would just need to install that version.

    Ideally, it would be wonderful if the admin system, URL structure, words for comments and such, could be in German but I could set it to English for myself. I realize this might not all be possible, but are there any ideas on how I could administer this blog without knowing German?

    Thanks for any thoughts

  2. Maybe a multi-language blog? Except I think those tend to just translate the front end.

    Huh. I'd try installing the de. version and have an english WP up at the same time, to see if I could sort it out via brute force. But I'm a masochist.

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