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    I've installed Managing News by Developpment Seeds, it runs on Drupal but unfortunately to use it as an aggregator I would need it to auto insert feeds to Channels or Books and it won't do it. Basically, you have to select manually(!!!) the news you want in a Channel. Plus, the dates are not set correctly. ANYWAYs I've decided to stick with WP for the time being.

    Thing is, I really LOVE the options to Geotag news and
    visualize stories on a map.http://managingnews.com/about 1'20 and on

    I am looking for a plugin that would automatically extract locations from posts and use them as tags.

    Does this exist?
    I have more than 1200 posts and counting, I can't do it manually :-)

    Don't even tell me that I should write it I can't, trust me.

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