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  • Hi, I’m new with WordPress 3.5 and Buddypress 1.62, less than 3 weeks to be exact. On my Buddypress website with the default Buddypress theme, I installed Georeg Lite to pick up the geo. info of those who register. On the users list on the admin side the 3 columns for the geog. info were set up ok by georeg but it’s all blank even for the new entries.

    I know there’s no mention of Georeg Lite compatible with buddypress, only the full version, so maybe the lite version does not work with Buddypress, or it could be that another plugin may be causing it not to work. I installed Visitors Maps and Whos Online plugin which also picks up the geog. info before I discovered Georeg Lite but I don’t want to deactivate this one as it has already collected several pages of data which I may lose if I deactivate it just to see if georeg lite works.

    I just want to confirm if georeg lite does work with buddypress like the full version or if there’s a way to make it work in my case.


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