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  • Can anyone help me to bring the content from a post into the information bubble on GeoPress’ google maps.

    I’ve singled out the relevant code from the plugin:

    $details = " @ <strong>". htmlentities($loc->name)."</strong><br />";
        $url = '';
        foreach($posts as $post) {
            $details .= "<a href='".$url.'/?p='.$post->post_id."' title='". htmlentities($post->post_title)."'>".htmlentities($post->post_title)."</a><br />";

    I’ve had to change the $url attributes because my wordpress files are in a different directory. what I want to do is replace the content appearing in the <a> tags to the content of the blog. I’ve had a good try at figuring it out, but absolutely no joy at all.

    Hope someone out there can help!

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