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    Hi there, I’m using the importer add-on for wp-property. It has an option to geolocate on import. However, I’m importing from a source that breaks up the address into separate fields: Street number, direction, street name, street suffix, city, state, postal code.

    It looks like in order for geolocation to work on import, the field needs to contain either the full address, or both latitude and longitude. Is this correct? If so, is there a workaround that will allow me to geolocate from separate fields?

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    I also use the geolocation upon import.
    How I got it working:
    The geolocation used the built-in WP-property attribute “Location”.
    In the developer tab in settings, I added my import property called “Address” and mapped it to “Location” (which I think was built in – can’t remember) but if you toggle the advanced settings under that attribute, that is where “location” is.
    In the import settings, “Address” is mapped from my import and looks like this:
    concat:’street_number’ ‘street’, ‘city’, Hawaii, ‘zip_code’
    The word “concat” puts all of the elements together in one field.

    I didn’t know about the ‘concat’ trick. That’s great. Thanks!

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