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  • Hi,

    Our eCommerce website only operates within Thailand. However we have multiple physical shops around Thailand. This is the reason for us wanting to use your multi-location plugin.

    I am wondering if the plugin can be amended to automatically select the ‘Ship-from’ location based on the distance from our shops to the customers shipping address, possibly using GeoLocation or Google Maps API? Unless you have a better alternative.
    This would eliminate the additional option for the customer to choose which shop/location they require, and would ultimately eliminate any room for errors when a customer is checking-out. Such as ordering from the wrong location. (Because lets face it, people make mistakes!)

    For example:
    If ‘Shop A’ is closer to the customers ‘Shipping Address’ than ‘Shop B’, then the order will be shipped out to the customer from ‘Shop A’.
    And if the item was shipped from ‘Shop A’, then stock levels for that shop would be reduced accordingly.

    Is there a way to connect the shop/warehouse locations to cloud multi-inventories such as ZapERP, TradeGecko, etc?

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  • Plugin Author Joel


    @dayley great stuff. We’ll update the free plugin to allow for automatically choosing the closest warehouse. Shouldn’t be a problem.

    Regarding inventories. We will add an integration with zapier that will allow for that as soon as possible. That way you could connect / add inventories accordingly.



    @joeleem0n Thanks for the fast response.
    Okay excellent. The Order Routing would be much better this way, and I think much more professional on the sellers side, automating things where possible.

    ZapERP (Our inventory cloud software) states that the multi-integrator Zapier is Coming Soon. After enquiring an ETA, they have said:

    don’t worry, we have already prioritised this. Not long now.

    The free Zapier plan should definitely work for our store when it does. Users that have over 100 online sales a month may need to purchase the upgraded Zapier plan as the free plan only allows 100 tasks per zap, per month.



    @joeleem0n I have just received another email from ZapERP regarding API’s:

    Why not just pass the data in the product API itself, so make it available both in the product and in the order. There is a no need for Zapier if we follow this way.

    Also, we studied various plugins that can support or provide us Warehouse / Location data. It seems at the moment ATUM Multi-inventory ( is the only way to go. So if you are developing your own custom plugin, I would recommend you refer to it, and follow the same rules it has for API’s (not everything, but API, product and order data that gets added)

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    Plugin Author Joel


    @dayley Thanks for the info. I’ll research it with my team and get back to you soon.

    Plugin Author Joel


    @dayley So for the Geolocation feature we forgot to mention that you need to adjust your server settings. We use something like this and the plugin the routes visitors accordingly.

    Ps. We’re in the process of getting zapier integrated for orders.

    @joeleem0n What is the progress going like on the additional features we mentioned before? Has anything been implemented as of yet?

    Our company is struggling without this, and I am sure we are not the only company in this same predicament. The only other plugin out there which does similar is MyWorks WooCommerce Multi Location Inventory + Order Routing. However they charge a starting price at an eye-watering $200 per location, per year!! Very steep!

    Plugin Author Joel


    @dayley we’ve actually been looking into this over the last week. Both with a zapier connection and just connecting quantity for each warehouse using a simple google sheet upload / template.

    So, a zapier connection would take us a week worth of development work. I’m not entirely sure how many people would use it…but if it starts to pick up usage then I would immediately have my developer work on the zapier connection. Are you okay with a simple form to upload products using a template we provide in the interim?

    As ZapERP previously mentioned, Zapier isn’t required if you pass the data in the product API itself for the product & the order. And you can look towards ATUM inventory for guidance on setting Shipping Locations (specifically API, product and order data that gets added).

    A self upload would require us to upload the data quite frequently multiple times a day (and would be an annoying solution!). It would be far better updating on 10 minute intervals and/or updating on change of stock.

    Our company is definitely not the only company in dire need of this, but as mentioned the only available solution starts at $200 per location with the MyWorks WooCommerce Multi Location Inventory + Order Routing alternative plugin. Our stores may sell a reasonable amount of items, but they are certainly not large profit items. $200 per location is extortionate! Especially for smaller businesses.

    If you check websites such as & you will see others are already trying to recruit developers to develop this. And if you check you will also find that developers are trying to build their own solutions (with help) to accomplish exactly what I have mentioned. So I genuinely believe this plugin would be the only plugin that meets the criteria that many are searching for.

    Plugin Author Joel


    @dayley I’m on it. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll go ahead and get started on this right away.

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