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  • Hi for geocharts, how can we

    1. remove legends?

    2. set marker colour for charts with only one data column?

    In the following example, the colours set are ignored and just the google default (green) is used:
    [geoChart displaymode=”markers” colorstart=”#FFCCCC” colorend=”#CC0000″]

    Any tips appreciated, thanks

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  • Plugin Author jvrtanoski


    Happy new year,

    1. Just use the “legend” attribute of the short code. If you don’t want any legend to appear set the attribute to empty hash (legend=”{}”).

    2. The geo chart has special data format which google library expects. The chart base several modes of display, but the main display modes are “markers” and “regions”. This is controlled by the “displayMode” attribute of the short code. Default value is “markers”.
    In case of markers, the following columns are expected:
    Column 1: Marker location (city, country, region, etc.)
    Column 2: Color of the marker, as percentage of the gradient colour set up by “colorstart” and “colorend”
    Column 3: Marker size (radius of the marker)

    Unfortunately, geochart library doesn’t allow control of the colours for each data in a manner in which this is allowed by Pie Chart or Bar Chart, however carful planning of colourstart/colourend and use of the column 2 can help a lot to create interesting charts.

    I hope this will help. Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions for future improvements. Please don’t forget to rate the plugin


    Hi, thanks for your reply, but I can’t get it working with the legend switch as you described.

    Here’s what I’ve got:

    [geoChart width="350px" height="220px" displaymode="markers" colorstart="#FFCCCC" colorend="#CC0000" legend="{}"]
    ['City', 'offices'],

    It still draws a legend.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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