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    We need different content served to different IP addresses for the same URL. We are using geolocation to determine the country and provide different prices for the visitors. For example, the EU versions of the site will have a 25% tax, and the US version won’t have any tax. This needs to be reflected on the site, even though the URL will be the same.

    We are using the Litespeed caching plugin for WordPress, and the Litespeed server to handle serving this site. The store is created using the WooCommerce plugin. How should this be set up?

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    Hi @adamwpvirk,

    If your site uses a cookie to store geolocation, please add this code into your .htaccess

    RewriteRule .* - [E=Cache-Vary:cookie_name]

    If your site uses server-side geo IP module, then please check this wiki.

    We already added that rewrite rule to our .htaccess file. However, the issue is still showing up. The site still seems to be confusing the different locations and tax amounts. The site seems to be working when caching is completely disabled, but is running into the same issue when the plugin is active.

    Is there anything else that might be causing the issue?

    Plugin Support stanley@litespeed


    Could you please provide your Report Number, found in WP Admin > LiteSpeed Cache > Report.

    Also, may I know which location we can use for testing?

    Report number: TUWJIILY
    By location you mean domain or country location?

    I can also record a video for you, but i would like the domain to be unknown to the public.

    Plugin Support stanley@litespeed


    Yes please, you can record a video for demonstration with hidden the URL. Also, may I know is that tax just showing on the checkout page?

    Here you have the video. There is only one download availeble so let me know if you got it.
    Let me know if there is something i was not clear about.
    I disabled litespeed cache until we have a solution.

    Btw You can search google for the product name shown and you will find the site.

    Plugin Support stanley@litespeed


    Hi @adamwpvirk, just downloaded the video and I’ve got the URL from your report number. But I need more details on reproducing the issue, could you please join our Slack channel and find me(Stanley Cheung at Litespeed) to pass me more details privately?

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