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  • hi,
    I am wondering if someone could help me find a solution to an issue I have.

    I am looking for a way for a global wordpress site to have a certain persmission function before redirecting to their correct site for their region/country.

    So say a customer accesses and they are in the USA, i want a pop up to display BEFORE redirecting, for the customer to give permission before the redirect occurs. Currently, a basic redirect based on IP is on their site, and does not ask permission, which has caused issues with English speakers in Germany being unable to access the UK site.

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Yeah, IP location has serious flaws. Region confirmation would only occur on home page requests or on any page? The choice dictates which template contains the code.

    I would implement a modal and not a true pop up. Only do so if there is not a cookie already telling us the user’s choice. By setting a cookie, you do need to address GDPR and other related privacy concerns. A cookie is the only practical way to keep track of a random user’s choice over an extended period of time.

    Create a function that outputs the necessary form and JavaScript to collect the user selection and save it in a cookie. Add the necessary CSS that displays this output as a modal. JS then hides the content by changing the appropriate CSS properties after a selection is made.

    Insert on the appropriate template code that conditionally calls this function if no cookie exists. If a cookie exists, get its saved value and redirect accordingly.

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