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  • My name is Mark Smalley, and I’d also like to introduce myself to the community and let you all know that I am one of the guys that work with ThePremiumPress – so I thought it would be nice to let you know that someone real works there too!

    In the VERY LITTLE spare time I have available, I also work on gPress, which is hosted in the plugin directory and is a free plugin that adds new geo-relevant layers to the press platforms so you can geo-tag your surroundings or develop your own location-based services…

    Hello Sir

    Am Vinoth from India. Thanks for your useful plugin.

    I have some problem with your plugin. I just downloded the plugin and activated in on of my wordpress mu blog website which is in But i cant see the menu is admin panel. An of your menus like Places, Place Types, New Place anything i cant see.

    Also i checked with wordpress su also. Its not displaying. May i know how-to install and active. is it a bug?

    am using wordpress mu & su 2.9.2

    @vinkas – gPress only works with WP 3.0+

    It has been fully test and works smoothly with WP 3.0 rc3.

    If you activate it on a site less than WP 3.0 – NOTHING will happen.

    @vinkas – we assume you are talking about gPress, not gMaps, as gMaps is fully tested with WP 2.9.2, WPMU 2.9.2 and BP 1.1.3

    hi @msmalley – then how can i use it in current wordpress mu version.3.0 not yet released in wordpress mu. can you help me to use it?

    sorry @thepremiumpress i wrongly used this forum

    @vinkas – not sure what you mean?

    There is no such thing as WordPress MU 3.0 – the last version of WordPress MU is 2.9.2, after that, both WordPress and WordPress MU become the same thing – WordPress 3.0

    If you need to download WP 3.0 rc3, please do so from the following link:

    However, be warned that this should probably not be used within a production environment and that in the next couple of weeks, the official WordPress version downloaded publicly will be WordPress 3.0+

    Once you are running WordPress 3.0 rc3+ all you need to do is upload gPress into your plugins directory and then activate it.

    @vinkas – WordPress 3.0 is now standard download from main site:

    We upgraded and tested gPress on WordPress 3.0 today and everything was smooth – we also added loads of new features, such as:

    1. Places
    2. Place Types + Tags
    3. geoRSS Support
    4. Favorite Place Widget
    5. Recent Places Widget
    6. Map Options per Place + Geo-Tagged Post
    7. Support for Native Mobile Applications
    8. Ability to Geo-Tag Posts (if using Mobile App)
    9. gPress Options Page with Component Control
    10. General Map, Brand and Credit Settings

    We also have a LIVE DEMO now at –

    The latest version of gPress can be downloaded at:

    Not to stray off topic, but would love to hear what you have done with music. This geo plugin is fantastic, and if the music is anywhere near this good.. wow!

    @anointed – I presume you are referring to RadioPress by ThePremiumPress – …?

    To be honest, we feel a bit behind on this one due to available resources and several almost unbelievable personal issues with the team. We have 95% of the back-end functions and features working and about 15% of the front-end working.

    We are estimating another 4 to 8 weeks will be needed to get this ready for a production environment…

    I am new to my maps and am not sure if it can do what I’m looking for.

    I have a website and am trying to plot the various accommodation in the area linked to information on my webpage. I started with a basic google map trying to plot the points, but it didn’t give me the option to link / personalise. I did a search on linking to google maps and was refered to where it mentions something about Google Maps API Family which I’m totally confused with.

    Please can someone advise me if I’m on the right track and if there is a pluging that create something like the following link,27.876091&spn=0.133305,0.233459&t=h&z=12&om=1

    @ant01 – The closest think to what you are looking for is gMaps, a premium theme from the company I work for – – we are presently in the midst of building a new version of this theme that is a full-on geo-tagging theme framework, where the parent themes holds all the geo-tagging goodness, and the child theme is used for styling – where any form of design is possible. This new version is fully WordPress 3.0 compatible and features several new features such as custom marker types and fine-grain module control over every element that you would wish to geo-tag. However, this is NOT free, but is backed by an incredible company who offer fantastic support, with me at the center of it…

    However, if you are looking for a FREE option and have an adventurous side to you, there is another option, as in the limited spare personal time that I have available, I also work on a FREE community projects called gPress – – which is a FREE plugin that works on BuddyPress and WordPress and has a LOT planned for its future growth. Unfortunately, gPress is only at Version at the moment, so is in a very early beta stage, and because its free, I am unable to offer any form of guarantee regrading how much time I can spend on it or support it, not until we get enough community interest to make it as open as BuddyPress is, which is something I hope to achieve through the use of PressBuddies – – another personal pet-project I have even less time to spend on… 🙂

    Hope this helps to answer your question and clear-up any confusion that may have been developing from the threads above…?

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the information. At this stage I am looking for a free option so I will try gPress and see how it goes. Will I be able to plot multiple locations on one map and also would you know how the above link was mapped.

    @ant01 – with gPress, you will be capable of adding as many “places” as you like, and then using shortcodes, you could create a page and add a map showing all the places…

    As for how the above link was mapped, there’s no easy answer for that I’m afraid – anything is possible with Google Maps if you have an understanding of JavaScript and are prepared to read and explore the API 3 examples and documentation…

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the help, I dowloaded gPress but am a bit confused how it works. I can add one location but am not sure how to add more locations and also Description and links from the location to a website.

    Is there a tutorial on how it works?

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