• Resolved moleman


    I’ve searched the documentation and this support forum but can find no list of supported country names for the Geo map visualization.

    My CSV file uses names populated from the A-Z List of Countries provided by the State Department via state.gov (http://www.state.gov/misc/list/)

    I’ve corrected susceptible entries such as “Gambia, The” to “Gambia” and yet whenever I upload the CSV file, the map fails to load. It just refreshes and shows the default CSV layout.

    I’m seeking to fill in values for every country. Multiple attempts to remove the more complicated names (e.g. “Democratic Republic of the Congo”) have failed.

    Can you please provide a full list of the country strings accepted within the Geo map? I’ve had no issues modeling other forms of graphs but the Geo map continues to refresh the default CSV every time I upload a file that attempts to account for all or the majority of countries.

    Thank you.


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