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  • Hi there,
    First of all the plugin is great. But I really need it with the IP automatic Geo-Location functionality and it seems that this function stops to work frequently and therefore the plugin displays no data.

    I find it hard to debug what is the problem as I am not savvy in terms of php/js coding, but if I knew what host/server it uses for geo-location I might at least test the connection and see if there’s eventual ban on my IP or something if that’s a possibility?

    P.S I have ~1500-2000 visitors daily, if that can help you determine the problem (if some kind of requests limit is the problem).

    All kinds of help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • P.S No iptables rules apply, no filters in or out apply on my server. jWhois is installed and works properly (if that’s the tool used for getting the IP info)

    P.S.2: My OpenWeatherMap API is the paid one with 600 requests/minute available, so that could not be the problem.

    P.S.3: From what I tested when I input the manual location/city it works every time. When I change it to automatic IP/Geo Location detection it stops from time to time. That is why I am certain that the ip geo location detection is the problem. Oh and also the problem persists with or without Google Maps Api.

    Sorry for writing so many posts, just trying to be as specific as possible.

    Plugin Author WebCodin


    Hi vizantiec,

    For Geo-Location IP we use third-party service with free plan that has following limitations:

    • 1,000 Daily Requests
    • No SSL / HTTPS
    • No Support

    Also, for integration of this third-party service we use this library: that possible allows to use paid API key from, however current plugin realization does’t support this feature.

    We can try to add API-key field for the next plugin release (in case if this is possible), however we do not guarantee that it will help, because we are not able to test it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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