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  • Hi, I enabled the option “Show only in European Union countries”, I am in Costa Rica and it still shows the cookie popup, can you fix it, please?

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  • Plugin Author purplelightsoftware


    Hi! Could you tell me what is your PHP version?
    Maybe you can try to install it manually via FTP because there is a database for the geo location and it is posible that the installation failed.

    O dicho en español, el plugin tiene una base de datos con IPs de todo el mundo que se usa para la geolocalización, esa base de datos pesa 3 megas aprox y existe la posibilidad que la instalación automática haya fallado por el peso. Por ese motivo te recomiendo que instales el plugin directamente con el FTP. También es posible que la librería usada para la geolocalización no sea compatible con tu versión de PHP, ya que requiere de PHP 5.6 en adelante.
    A esperas de tu respuesta, seguiré indagando sobre el tema. Gracias.

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    hola, perdón por contestar hasta ahora. Realicé lo que recomendaste, instalé el plugin por FTP, pero igual, el popup me sigue saliendo y estoy en Costa Rica…

    Hi @alexalp and @purplelightsoftware.

    For Alex. Just tell you what I did to solve this and that, of course, is directly related to what the author of this plugin mentions.

    Although, strictly speaking, I don’t know that EVERYTHING I did is what made the plugin work. But, for what it’s worth, I’ll detail my experience.
    In 1st. Instead, a couple of days ago, I installed it for the 1st. time and honestly it didn’t work out.

    Ergo, I came to this forum to see what it could be and, in principle, when I saw both this comment (which talks about what does not work about … “excluding non-European countries” …) and that of another that spoke of that, directly … “it does not work” … I simply un-installed it.

    And that I had even tried that of … “install it by ftp” … but, in my case, what I did was, directly, download it to my pc and upload it from my cPanel.
    But after, honestly, I spent hours (literally) something to “replace” it, I came back here and, I started to READ better what was stated by the author of the plugin.
    This is: In this case, upload it by ftp and, in the other the “compression” of the js file.

    In fact, I don’t know what made it work but, as I said and, in case it helps someone else, I will simply describe what I did:

    1) I downloaded the plugin file to my pc.

    2) I opened it and, I also opened the JS file.

    3) I looked for a JS file compressor online and uploaded these files one by one to this tool. I compressed them, deleted the “original” and took the min extension from the tablet. added by the compression tool. In other words, I had a file with the same name as the original, but compressed. And, to these files, I put them back in the JS folder.

    4) BEFORE uploading the “original” plugin file (already “fiddled” as I described in 3)), I went to my wordpress administrator and, I deactivated my cache plugin (in my case W3TC) and, in addition, I put my Cloudflare account in “Development Mode”. That is, it no longer had any cache.

    5) I uploaded the plugin file to my plugin folder and, once there, I unzipped it. Then I deleted the .zip file that I had uploaded.

    6) I updated my wordpress, I tried 1st. without “nothing” that is, activated without any “special” configuration and soooo! The bar appeared.

    7) Then I tried that, … “it disappears when they start to scroll” … and, it worked.

    8) Finally, I added the “European countries” thing, I tried it again in “incognito mode” and soooo! To me (I’m not from Argentina), it no longer appeared.

    It only remained to know if it appeared in European countries. So I used a security tool that I have installed that “disguises” the IP of my pc “as if” it were in another country / s in Europe and soooo! IT WORKED.

    Ergo, it only remained to see if it worked with ALL caches working, so I activated everything again (my cache plugin – W3TC – and my Cloudflare account), cleared ALL caches and did the same tests mentioned above (but added: Argentina , Brazil – so that it does not activate – and, Germany so that it does) and … IT WORKED !!!

    Excuse the “can” but, I think it was worth it because, as I said before, I “went crazy” (literally) to find something like that and, frankly, I found it a “mischief” that there are no more users who can take advantage of it.

    I hope that my opinion will help this EXCELLENT plugin to have more and more users.
    And you, its creators, remember that whoever subscribes is “half crazy”, but also has the time and the will to do what they did.

    Ergo, I hope it serves as a background but, please, if you are going to “touch it” again, let us know in advance.

    It is not a thing that, with this plugin, what happens to me – even today – happens to me with the famous Yoast who, at the beginning, marked all my articles as OK (green traffic lights) and now not (and that I did not touch them “)

    And, obviously I am not the only one with this problem because, if they enter the forum of said plugin they will see that there are a lot of (literal) with the same problem, before which, their authors say something like that …” when content is added using a page builder plugin “… (in my case Site Origin Page Builder)

    Although, in my case, we are talking about ALL my content, it was created BEFORE, ALL Yoast users , we started having these problems.

    In other words, when I created my articles (with Site Origin), Yoast worked correctly but then it started to crash.

    Now yes, I leave you. And I hope so much “can” has served for something. See you!

    I tried the same thing as atutrabajo (including the minifying of JS files, uploading by FTP, etc) but the GeoLocation doesn’t work — cookie banner won’t show to ANY country when I have the “Show only in European Union countries” option selected. I also use VPN and tested but it simply doesn’t work when this option is selected. And even if it did, the law clearly states that you must allow the visitor to opt-out of cookies and NOT RUN ANY cookies until AFTER they have opted in — this plugin can’t do it. Also, the law clearly states that you must be able to prove who opted in and who opted out of your cookie policy — this plugin can’t do it.

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