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  • I’ve written a simple new plugin that provides a dropdown of locations next to the Longitude and Latitude boxes. When you choose a location from the dropdown, it fills the the coordinate boxes with the predefined values.
    This hack uses the same wp_edit_advanced hook that Exhibit uses to hook into the advanced editing interface. If you don’t already have Exhibit installed, you’ll need to add a line to your advanced edit page to get this plugin working. Details are in the install file.

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  • A couple of extra notes:
    There is a screenshot of this plugin at work on the linked page.
    This plugin is more of a proof-of-concept than a genuine attempt to create something useful. It just happens to also be useful. 🙂
    The idea is to create a single hook place in the advance edit form, then use script to insert new elements into the existing UI DOM tree. Maybe this will give you plugin developers something new to chew on.

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