• This plugin rocks – and it is exactly what I need. It filters as mentioned in the plugin description, which works perfect. It has only 4 stars, because there is one thing that would be really important to me:

    If you could add the possibility to restrict also other areas. For example: I have a backup plugin installed, and a Admin Help Box plugin, as well as other handy admin plugin that help me, but which my clients should not see. It would be simply PERFECT if your plugin would pull these other installed plugins, and I could simply flip a switch so the “Admin” user role could also simply not view them. BTW: Taking away the link would already be enough for me, because if a link in the backend navigation is not there, regular client users are simply not deep enough into it, as that they could imagine there is more than they see at the moment. 😉

    Think this would be possible to have done? I know there is other plugins out there that do similar things (I have tried different ones), but I would much rather have all of this controled by only this one plugin than having to manage all of that on different plugins… .

    Looking forward to your answer – and would really L O V E if you could implement the suggested. Thx so much for this already great plugin!

    – Arne

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