• I found this looking for a way to toggle Query Monitor to only use when debugging speed issues, since Query Monitor is a best of a plugin, an you don’t want it running all the time, since it does cause significant Admin slowdown while using.

    Same of many other Admin or infrequent use plugins. You want them installed, ready for occasional use, but not in day to day operations.

    Other’s useful to know and toggle: Code Profiler, Black Bar, Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall, Wider Admin Menu (sometimes overlaps some plugins not recognising this tweak), User Switching, Index WP MySWL for Speed, and many other occasional use plugins.

    Thank you for your service. Another great example of how WordPress’s vast community hive-mind experiences and solves. 👍

    PS: Be even more amazing if you could make it work with the other very helpful “Plugin Groups”.

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