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  • Hello,
    I am trying to find a theme want to use Genesis and find one that is responsive and I found this one Eleven 40, but this is what happened.

    Narrow down your window and you’ll see the left sidebar disappear and get stuck at the bottom. Narrow even further and the right sidebar also shifts down. Not sure I’d like having sidebars dropping to the bottom instead of allowing the viewer to see normal horizontal scroll bars that they’re familiar with and know to scroll left or right to see the content. Narrow it all the way down to about 350 pixels and that’s exactly what you’ll see on a smart phone – again with sidebars stuck at the bottom.

    So any suggestions, or is it best to to design a totally separate page that will sense a mobile user and serve up that page. Any suggestions on templates that will do this or good ways to do this, if this is the only option.
    I’d rather use a template such as Genesis that can work for both ususal web surfing (non-mobile) and mobile devices – and not have to design a separate page.

    All suggestions welcome. thanks,

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  • Presscreate,

    In this particular instance, You are Trying to Kill the Goose, that Laid the Golden Egg.

    The whole idea of Mobile Responsive Web Design is to present your large desktop display on a Tiny, handheld device BY VERTICALLY STACKING your Content; so your viewer DOESN’T HAVE TO SCROLL SIDEWAYS on his/her device.

    I believe the idea is that research shows that a large percentage of viewers will leave the site, if they have to work too hard.

    If you WANT your viewers to scroll their Mobile Device, just use a Non-Responsive Theme.

    How many of them will actually do that?

    In your defense, the developers of both Theme Hybrid and Suffusion agree with you.


    In setting up my eleven40 theme, I lost my title fonts on the standard orange logo that comes with the theme. Now, there is just the orange logo with no text. What did I do to make the title fonts disappear?


    Thanks in advance…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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