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    Does the information in this thread help out?


    No, because that post was written a year ago and apparently Constant Contact has changed. The best I can get is the code for a button:

    <!– BEGIN: Constant Contact Email List Form Button –><div align=”center”>join our mailing list<!– BEGIN: Email Marketing you can trust –><div id=”ctct_button_footer” align=”center” style=”font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10px;color:#999999;margin-top: 10px;”>For Email Marketing you can trust.</div></div>

    Most of this looks like the button configuration. The only line that MAY be helpful is still only a link:

    a href=”

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    In looking in their forums, there’s nothing recent. You may want to contact them and ask them how to find the HTML form to add onto your own site.

    Well, I just chatted with 2 of Constant Contact’s tech support people. They gave me 3 links, one includes a widget written for them but not supported by them. The 3rd party company provides support. But looking in their forum, that widget is not well rated.

    Even the pages they provided me to help are not current. And that’s the problem: the only actual code given is for a button. For the form, only a link is provided. So I decided to follow the link and see if I can find what is needed for eNews extended.

    I ended up with a 404 message. So maybe I’m not doing this right because their code is not just for a form. It’s more current with the use of CSS, etc.

    So you can view the form page and the code Constant Contact generated for my form. Is there any way to use this with eNews Extended?

    You can view what I have at my site at

    Thank you so much!

    FYI: I used this for the form action:


    And this for the email ID:
    subscriberProfile.visitorPropertiesSize” name=”subscriberProfile.visitorPropertiesSize

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    The /manage… link is for hteir site, so it would need to include the full URL (which is why you’re getting the 404).

    There’s a lot there– the e-mail ID would only be the name section of the code: subscriberProfile.visitorProps[0].value, but they have a lot of hidden fields buried in their code that I’m not sure what is needed and what isn’t.

    I made a trial account and ya know, it’s incredible there isn’t a way to embed a sign-in form natively through Constant Contact.

    Frankly, I’d suggest using a different setup, like MailChimp. The plugin could (eventually) be extended to tie in directly with Constant Contact, but I’ve been hesitant to do too much of it and don’t have a lot of bandwidth to work on it. :-/

    Brandon, thank you so much for your time and effort. I have set up a free MailChimp account. So far I’m not sure if I have access to set up the plug in or not but I’ll check it out and let you know. Apparently, Constant Contact’s web site and tech support are not current on how they do things TODAY:-) Thank you so much again. I appreciate your help.

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Thank’s Brandon! I followed the video and it was so easy incorporating MailChimp with eNews Extended. I looks and works very well!

    Thanks again!



    So am I correctly reading this thread – this plugin no longer works with Constant Contact? My client is already established on CC so changing is not an option for me.

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    Their support says it is still possible to get the information we need for eNews to work correctly, but I was unable to find it and Constant Contact did not respond to requests for further information.

    As of the last check I made, there was no way to embed a form to subscribe to a Constant Contact list from within a webpage—only have a link to a form hosted on a their service. With that type of change (and their lack of response for more info), I’m afraid it does seem that Constant Contact made a change in policy that makes it virtually impossible to use in our case.

    As far as I’ve heard, forms already setup still work, so the change isn’t technical, apparently.

    It is possible that they have restored the ability to see the web form, but I haven’t checked.

    There IS a way to use eNews Extended with Constant Contact. The CC html is inside the link “Share URL to form”. I found the best and most clear explanation of the steps you take in the post “How to Use Genesis eNews Extended with Constant Contact” By Sallie ~ 24th October 2014:

    Plugin Author Brandon Kraft


    That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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