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  • I don’t know how to call this, so i haven’t been to found a plugin at Maybe the Easy Form Options plugin was what i needed, but it’s gone.

    I’d like to be able to set some variables from the dashboard, something like wp_meta, not post based, but whole blog based, that would be included on my template, so they are easy to update:

    Im putting a magazine to the blog, so i have each issue under it’s numbered category (1,2,3, and so on).

    I’d like to have a simple and easy to access option on the dashboard where to add which issues i don’t want to be displaying it’s full content, only excerpt, so i can do if/else it, and if the post corresponds to a category stated on the “dashboard”, the read more link takes you to subscription.

    I acomplished that using if/else on the template files, but i dont want to edit the templates each time i upload a new issue and i need to update which entried get the read more link or the subscription link.

    Also, a plugin like this woule be pretty useful for more people i guess.

    Think of having your css theme using a particular color for each month/day/issue… using this variable and the easy of change trough the dashboard would enable you to quickly change/set diffferent color schemes. Even, if you let users change this trough role manager plugin, it would enable them to change how they want your site or, if you add more if/else to the templates, even let them how your the site is viewed, perfect for WP as a CMS!

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