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  • Hey people,

    i updated my blog yesterday and i want to improve the content on my site. The main aspect of my site are reviews, tests etc.. Stuff, people actually write.
    For the future, i collected a huge amount of data (for example all pc-games listed in steam).

    So, if i wouldn’t use wordpress, i could do something like “mysite/pc/games/”
    which would output a list of all pc games, without anyone having it maintaining. The point ist, that i want to have “generic” content. Is this doable in wordpress?

    Just a summarty:
    I have stored all information in my database (same as wp) and need to to display specific sites in wordpress, without having such a site in the backend, since it isn’t filled with information via authors.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • It is certainly possible, common even for people to use WordPress as a website generator. A single author uses the facilities of WordPress (pages/posts/menus/images/galleries +plugins +others) to create their website. It may be a brochure or shop or autobiography or club or anything else.
    What matters to you is the question: “Does WordPress give me enough of the facilities I need ?”

    Well, okay.
    Of course it is possible, since it is based on PHP.
    From that point, of course i can somehow quick and dirty try to manipulate the url-manager, extend the core with hacks etc.

    As you already mentioned: A single author uses facilities, but i don’t want anyone to do something in that case. Everything shoudl be “automagic”.

    But you are right… so, does WP give me enough of the facilities?

    Are there maybe plugins for that case?
    Sigh, thats so weird. I really like WP, hope there is a way to add generic sites :]

    maybe now someone? :/

    okay, here is my attempt:

    if I edit the “single.php”, i could check:

    If (url has params)
        (if param = pc) ...
            show content of that param

    but since this site doesn’t exist as a page in the DB, WP throws an 404. But there MUST be a way to tell WP, that it should handle such requests / links and make us of the existing params in the url.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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