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  1. sporty
    Posted 6 years ago #

    What sort of donation (or I can send flowers? :) would I need to make to encourage someone to write a new wordpress plugin that:

    1. when the registration process completes it call's a URL passing the new registration details. e.g. something like: http://www.onesportevent.com/completedreg.aspx?username=myname&password=mypwd&email=myemail@website.com

    I personally don't care if I have to alter the PHP code to edit the URL with some placeholders, but community-wise obviously a simple admin page is always good :)

    this would be ideal for a number of situations, for example where you need to create another account in another database, or initialise a session or kick off a background process... even just sending a custom welcome email.. possibilities are endless.

    I will use this on my wordpress site, currently hosted doc.onesportevent.com which i'm slowly pulling together. my site uses buddypress so it will have to work with that.. not sure if that makes any difference.

    I can be contacted - sport at onesportevent.com


  2. sporty
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Wow that was quick! Geoff Kauten of GKauten Consulting has to be the fastest plug-in developer I've seen - here is the component already on his website! ..and it has an admin screen. Checkout http://www.gkauten.com/cross-registration-integration

    Not sure how to make this post as resolved, but it is.

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