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    Hey guys, great plug-in, thank you so much!

    Sorry I’m a newbie with WP, I need to understand the following:

    I’m trying to make a theme I’m planning to resell, I hope I’m allowed to use this
    I don’t like the idea that my final customers can add or edit custom post types, so what would be the correct workflow? Or maybe I’m just too paranoid and I should include the plug in?

    Thanks very much again 🙂


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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    While I’m happy that you’re getting into the premium theme development, I am not really agreeing with what you’re trying to do in this regard. The first concern is the fact that your product is a theme, and ours would be a plugin. They’re not mutually exclusive, and I can’t think of any way to tie them together other than you providing our code with the zip file. Would you be setting sites up for these people as well, so that CPTUI gets used for it?

    The second concern is if they’d end up getting updates to CPT UI from yourself, or if it could be handled by the native plugin update mechanism in WordPress through the .org repos. I’d definitely prefer that they get the updates straight from us, in the grand scheme of things.

    A third concern would be what would stop them from removing the plugin for something else, or editing the theme’s functions file to add their own CPTs without plugin? Once the code is out of your hands, you can’t control what a user does with it.

    Michael thanks very much for your reply!

    I asked because I was taking a look at another plugin to create custom fields, after creating the fields you can set the plugin in a way that final users can’t edit or delete those fields, so I thought I should have used the same logic with your plugin.
    Also I was thinking to minimize the damage that users can make in the admin panel, messing with custom post types… but as you said they can install any other plugin and make a mess anyway 😀

    So I see how it works now, thanks again for clarifying, also nice roadmap 🙂

    One more clarification: I thought the plugin was like a developer tool to make the custom post structure and then I could export the final result for customers.

    I didn’t answer your question: I’m not planning to set sites up, I’d like to make themes only so I’ll have to find a way to create custom post types upon theme installation.

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    It definitely can export the CPTs you register, but it isn’t necessarily meant to just do that. It’s more one that you keep installed and let it handle the registering the whole time. We store all of the CPTs you set up in an option and fetch it for the actual registering.

    I can’t say it’s a developer tool, it’s more a “I don’t know code, but want some CPTs, here’s a UI that does the coding portion for me with some clicks” or the same situation but you just don’t want to mess with code.

    I see, it’s even better then I thought, thanks again, great work!

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