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  • Hi All,

    After blogging for quite some time on Word Press, finally decided to go for self-hosting with my own domain. The blog site is

    Unfortunately, attracting traffic with a self-hosted installation seems much more difficult than with wordpress as blogs don’t get listed on the wordpress website and it remains upto us to do the marketing .

    Any tips would be helpful.

    Cheers !

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  • Thanks for this link ! It definitely has quite a lot of useful pointers. But since my blog (domain name) is fairly new, it will be a while till Google assigns it a Page rank. Blogs hosted on Word Press itself, get crawled by Google quicker and also benefit audience from other WordPress bloggers.



    I have a quick question on this matter.

    I have a self hosted word press account and I’m trying to get users to be able to register themselves on my site, as opposed to me having to create usernames and passwords for them in the admin panel.

    I might be missing something stupid and easy, but I just don’t have the time to search and search for the answer (though it’s probably right in front of me).

    Could someone please help me with this?

    Thank you!



    I think attracting attention to your website can not just happen over night. Search engine optimization is not an easy or quick process and should occur organically.

    Also, please remember that this thread is not for support. If you want support for wordpress use a different thread, this thread is for showing off your wordpress website and to those of us viewing the thread to look at users’ contributions it really sucks when forum users ignore the instructions to NOT include support questions in this thread!




    not to mention the fact that most of the regtulars choke when they read someone that actually admits to an unwillingness to actually search for anything because of time issues.

    Since when is your time more important than the people you are asking to help you, lauren?

    You dont think we might not have the “time” necessary to help you?

    You dont think that by searching you might not free up a moment of our time to help someone else?

    Your question is is stupid, and the answer is easy, youre right on that account though.



    @laurenrosenzweig: Just login to your admin area and go to Settings/General and make sure you have “Anyone can register” checked by “Membership”. Then make sure the register link is showing on your site…if you are using widgets, you may need to add the “meta” widget.



    I like to self-host and self-publish my own WordPress Blogs because then you always have complete control and ownership over your site. This is critical for long term projects you really care about.

    Getting traffic is a breeze and your post will still feed to WordPress every time as long as you have at least one personal WordPress account in which they will assign you the API key you need.

    If you would like to learn how to self-host and self-publish then check out my fairly new site dedicated to showing you how I do everything and it even includes free step by step instruction videos.

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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