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  • Many users of our members are not following the guidelines for submitting images when it comes to the file names. I would like to resolve this by having the files renamed on upload, but I want to include the image title and this requires user input data being allowed int the prefix.

    Eg, I would like to use the prefix “2019 March [~Subject] [~Print-Digital] [~UID] [~Title]” which would result in a file name like “2019 March Open DC 456 My Awesome Cat.jpg”

    Can it be modified to accept user input fields in the prefix as well as the option-list fields?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    You are not the first person to ask for this, and I’m very sorry, but what you are asking for could be a security hazard unless it is done very carefully. I don’t have the time or the expertise to do it properly.

    I’d be very open to code contributions from anyone who does have the expertise.

    If you know how to set up Excel macros, you could set one up to generate a column containing renaming commands that could be run on the downloaded files.

    Following submission guidelines by members is an issue, very difficult for almost every club.
    So far I have been able to control all requirements, but one.
    The file length and unwanted character is controlled between the Josie wizard and software after downloading. No problem there.
    Formatting the file is also controlled after downloading.
    I take the files as they comes from the csv file. Then the software manipulates them, the way I need it. All by the computer software, (The Judge).
    The info in the csv has all the info to match the file.
    So it is easy to manipulate it.
    No matter what the members submit as file name.
    So at this point everything is working well but the file format. JPEG and jpg is a problem for my software. Hope to have that problem solved in a couple of weeks.
    I am very grateful to Josie for having the csv file created after closing. It makes my automatic download flawless and no interaction at all from my part.
    Every thing is there to get ready for competition.
    I only have an small issue is that the csv file created after closing, remains in the folder of the images after ‘manage items’ deletes all entries.
    Again I am very grateful for the help in the automation.
    Wish some day maybe this file could be deleted along with the images. Josie have done a tremendous job with this plugin. I love it.

    Josie if you can let me know of the security issues and the coding problems I am happy to take a dive into it and contribute.

    The other thing out club was looking at is if there can be a setting where a hierarchy is given to the limits. Eg, if I set a limit on the subjects to 3, but then the category limit is 2 then it will allow to images to that category per subject. At the moment there is only a total limit, and then a limit can be placed on either the subject or the category, but they are not then treated on the same level rather than having a 3 tier flow chart type approach.

    Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    I’d be concerned about avoiding any kind of code injection, and about making sure the generated filenames are valid on all likely operating systems. (Linux, which most hosts run, requires quoting any filename containing spaces or special characters).
    That would mean checking and possibly modifying any code that deals with those files. Apart from that, it would be necessary to modify the filename generation code itself and any relevant help text items.

    If you are interested in contributing, I’d be delighted to have help. You can contact me at

    One of the chief advantages of an image upload system is that the entrant does NOT have to adhere to any critical file naming format (within limits of characters permitted on the server). That of course means that a filename required for any particular competition/display software will be created later.

    It would be really undesirable to start adding layer upon layer of code to EntryWizard to mean multiple different and specific requirements for individual users of the plugin. Therefore, users need to take their local requirements and apply them later ie, after recovering the images and metadata from EntryWizard. Personally I do that by adding VBA code to an Excel spreadsheet.

    Plugin Author Josie Stauffer


    A bit off-topic, but ronc says “I only have an small issue is that the csv file created after closing, remains in the folder of the images after ‘manage items’ deletes all entries.”

    It’s not feasible to have the file deleted via the entry-list page — it would have to check after deleting each item to see if there are any more left.

    But the file should be removed if you delete the items via the Bulk Actions menu at the top of the webforms page.

    Josie, Thanks for taken a peak at this issue. I do appreciate very much the work you have done.
    I will check further. Thanks again.

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