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  • I run, which lists similes for writers, etc.

    The title of the page is the simile itself, and the description is the simile (title) and content of the page, which are synonyms for the main word in the simile. In WP SEO, the description is input in the “Posts” box as “Simile: %%title%% – %%excerpt%%” – that works fine.

    What doesn’t work out are the tags pages. Tags (not categories) are how I’m organizing the content of the site. So for example, all of my similes that have to do with birds are on the page:

    The problem is, that on that page and any tag page, the Google title comes out fine (“Bird similes”) but the description comes out as rubbish (“HomeSimile Stack · SearchSimile Search · ContactDrop us a Line · SubmitSubmit a Simile · Similes · Search · Submit · About · Home » Posts Tagged “Bird” …”)

    Checking source code, the meta tag is “<meta name=”description” content=”Similes about Bird”/>” and Google fills in the rest with crap.

    In the ‘Taxonomies -> Tags -> Meta description template:’ box in WP SEO I have “Similes about %%tag%%” – so it’s working as it should, BUT what I want is a list of the post titles in the description, which is more descriptive and helpful. If I add “%%excerpt%%” it does nothing, just adds a hyphen in the meta description.

    So in summary, what I want for this page:

    Is for the meta description to read: “Similes about Bird – Stands out like bird shit on a black shoe, sing like a bird, fly like a bird, as free as a bird, …”

    How can I do that? Thank you!

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