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  • ctra


    I have simply static running on a couple of sites already. However, deploying it on a another one I can’t get the export to work.
    It always trying to fetch “0” sites. Diagnostics shows all green and I already reinstalled the plugin as suggested in another post.

    Any ideas what might be causing this behavior?


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  • I have the same issue.

    This indicates that things work:
    [2018-10-25 10:48:31] Setting up
    [2018-10-25 10:48:37] Fetched 1007 of 1007 pages/files
    [2018-10-25 10:49:15] Copied 509 of 509 files
    [2018-10-25 10:49:20] Wrapping up
    [2018-10-25 10:49:20] Done! Finished in 00:00:49

    But then in the detailed diagnostics I see many 301 errors associated with HTTP://

    However, my site runs on HTTPS and on top of this it’s a multisite installation. I think there might be a problem with following 301s, which IMO, this plugin should do.

    Now, in the multisite installation, the domain associated is http://something – and I think the plugin fetches this correctly and my setup should instead be changed.



    this is not the same issue: it is fetching 0 pages for me but 1007 for you

    I have the exact same issue as you do @ctra !
    The plugin used to work, we have archived the website for the last two years now.

    I thought it was a disk space issue, but after upgrading the disk, it’s not.

    Any idea? Did you solve it in the past 2 weeks?

    Hi @timoteh,

    no unfortunately I could not solve the problem. Diagnostics runs without problems or hints.
    I’ll start looking for another static page generator…

    Hey @ctra,

    I did found a solution yesterday!
    All i did was reset the plugin settings, then tried again and it worked! (genius)
    Just be sure you have enough space to generate all the static files though.

    Let me know if it worked!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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