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    first details about my WP.
    version 3.3.1.
    installed in a subdirectory like : http://www.mysite.com/blog/
    Blog was running super fine with previous theme ( my child theme built on Thematic) until....

    I installed (purchased ) a new theme ( first time...but in a hurry). Theme looks ok, works for people and was recently released.
    BUT :
    I am testing it and get a problem with the logo URL and the trailing SLASH / that does not appear at the end of the URL of the logo.... Resulting into an endless loop when I click on the header logo which has the unfortunate URL :
    http://www.mysite.com/blog notice the absence of trailing / at the end.
    The problem is that when I use any other theme ( I've tried Twenty eleven for i.e) logo URL works fine and gives the trailing slash at the end :

    I've contacted the theme designer and he told me that the theme automatically grab the site url of my general settings. Which I understand.
    BTW : My general settings are ok ( never changed them) and have of course the site URL without trailing slash at the end as WP 3.3.1 does not allow to add it.
    Question : why some theme correctly add the trailing slash at the end of the LOGO url and why other don't?
    second question : The theme function that generates the URL is
    echo '<a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'">...Is there anyway to force WP to put this / at the end ?
    Any help will be loved...I am battling with this for 4 days...

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    EDit : I put this in this section as I don't know if it is a WP bug ...
    Does it has anything to do with
    function user_trailingslashit($string, $type_of_url = '') {??
    Do I have to modify the core ?...I hope not.

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    hi again. Nobody ??

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