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  • Anyone know how to generate tags automatically from EXIF data?

    Any custom code ideas or ways to hack this together with multiple modules?


    I used to use the PhotoQ plugin for my photoblog, and the author had started to develop this feature (it doesn’t work properly yet – you have to regenerate ALL thumbnails each time you want to generate tags for a new post!).

    Unfortunately, PhotoQ has been abandoned (I contacted the author and he confirmed that he is no longer working on it) so I am migrating to the Yet Another PhotoBlog (YAPB) plugin, which doesn’t have this feature.

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    Take a look at available plugins and see what is available or might have code that is useful for your own work.

    Anyone else got ideas? I have searched the available plugins many times.

    PhotoQ was the only thing that even half-implemented this. Seems like this should be a feature of Simple Tags, but that plugin hasn’t been updated in a year so I don’t have high hopes…

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    What exactly do you mean by “tags”? Tags in the sense Posts>>Tags ? Or tags in the sense of image alt or title tags?

    Lots of code out there:

    I guess I would have to write a plugin that

    1) extracts the EXIF data from an image that is appended to the post
    2) stores that EXIF data in a PHP variable temporarily
    3) writes it to the appropriate post tag

    For example, most images have an EXIF data field called “Manufacturer” – Data is something like “Nikon” or “Canon” or “Olympus”.

    I want a plugin that will automatically tag all of my posts with the tag “Nikon” that have an image attached to the post that has Nikon as the EXIF Manufacturer… or tagged “50mm” for all my images shot with a 50mm lens. etc. etc.

    PhotoQ sort of did this. The plugin has been abandoned tho. Maybe I will have to learn PHP and then hack apart his code and write it myself.

    I was hoping that someone else had already written it but I guess not.

    Try this plugin. See it in action here.

    I also wrote a shortcode so I wouldn’t have to keep writing out the toggle each time, using the shortcode exec php plugin.

    Thanks. That plugin reads EXIF and puts it in the post. YAPB already does that for me.

    But neither Exifography nor YAPB generate tags from EXIF.

    I’ve given up on this quest. I will just have to live without EXIF tags.

    Which is a cool concept, but my photoblog still works fine without it.

    Oh, I see what you’re trying to do. Yeah, you’d definitely need to write a plugin to do as you outlined above. Maybe a feature request on one of the existing plugins?

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