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  • I am considering upgrading my blogs (I have three), and it definitely appears daunting. I’m half-scared to do it because of all the problems I read about on here.

    I’m somewhat curious, how long does it take to upgrade? I know my first time won’t be very quick as I will have to carefully follow the instructions, but I’m still curious.

    I can’t pinpoint this down for sure, but when I upgrade will I lose my customized headers, google analytics code, and all other code snippets that I’ve added/edited?

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  • Michael Torbert


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    First, before you do anything major, like an upgrade, always back up your wordpress files and your database.
    Upgrading doesn’t take very long. It takes longer to transfer the files than the actual upgrade itself. When you upgrade, be careful not do overwrite your themes, plugins (or anything else you have added to wp-content) or your wp-config.php file.
    I’m assuming that you only edited files in the theme that you use (wp-content/themes/…/).
    The WordPress upgrade section has detailed instructions.

    Thanks for the reply halls. I’ve got a domain with WP that I’m not doing anything on, so I’ll give er a shot on there.

    I use WordPress database backup plugin, so I get those emailed to me each day. However, I have haven’t actually done the restore. Another thing to experiment with first on my dummmy site. Thanks again; always grateful for the helpful folks on this forum.

    A easy way to upgrade and then very easy way to just upgrade it after that is use svn.

    Make a new folder like. WordPressNew

    cd to it and do this command:

    svn co

    It will install all the files to 2.3.3 WordPress.

    Copy your wp-config.php and new stuff in your wp-content folder to the WordPressNew folder. Any other folder files you added like plugins, copy them over too.

    Then just go to the new WordPressnew in your web browers and add /update at the end. You can go on from there to set it up.

    You can delete your old WordPress folder then and rename the new WordPress folder to what your old one was.

    Then to update all you have to do is log in and cd to your wordpress foler and do this command:

    svn up

    Or go to There you can see numbers and to update to that number do this command:

    svn sw

    Or it my be

    svn sw

    You can get a list of what’s out at that web link.

    That makes it easy to update. It only updates the files that changed so it will not even tuch your files like wp-config.php

    You can do a:

    svn status

    It will show files it will not update with a ? at the start.

    -Raymond Day

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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