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  1. john_harrison
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Guys -

    Okay, this is a big question, but I'm really just wondering if it's going to be possible.

    So, I have, say, 10 websites - in different countries and languages - and I need/want to add a blog tab on all the sites, but only have to post a blog post once. The rest of the sites pages will be in another CMS.

    In the single instance of WordPress, ideally I would add a post, and select a country and language (maybe using categories and/or custom taxonomies), and that post would appear on the relevant sites. I've noticed there is also a well regarded plugin for multiple languages, so this could be used.

    I guess I was just wondering about any pointers or if it has been done before, or just any general tips / structure I could use?


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