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    I need a solution to do the following:

    From the fronted a visitor must be able to submit a form. The captured data will then be displayed on the system but 2 field (Tel Nr and email) must not be visible.

    The data must be made visible only to the user after payment was made to be able to see the contact information of that specific listing

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    I’m pretty sure you could do this with the Pro version of Formidable.

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    Thank you very much – I will have a look. Unfortunately that is only 1 part of my problem.

    I still need to find a solution for the payment system / mail system

    This is the request as per the client:

    I need the following solution on WordPress. Any Elementor friendly theme can be used. Woocommerce is not a dependency, but the payment gateway/s used must be for the South African Rand (ZAR) currency.


    Normally when one thinks about a Freelance Marketplace, names like Freelancer and Upwork comes to mind. I also want to start a Freelance Marketplace, but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. After all there are enough WordPress themes out there that will do the job. Unfortunately, there is not one (that I now of) that offers a solution in the way that I want it to be.

    Let me try to explain what I am looking for.

    The system defines 2 sections – The Professional and The Customer.

    Susan is a Customer in need of a plumber. She access the website and is able to fill in a form stating her:
    – Name
    – Surname
    – City
    – Category (Dropdown list of predefined categories)
    – Details description of her problem
    – Telephone Number
    – Email address.
    – Size of project (small, medium, large)

    When Susan submit the form, it will be placed on the system as a listing. However, Susan’s contact details must be hidden. It will also send out an email to all the people registered on the system as a Professional, based on the category and the location supplied by Susan, notifying them that a NEW BUSINESS LEAD was submitted.

    Now here is where the twist comes in

    – In order for the plumber (The Professional) to be able to see Susan’s contact details, he must purchase credits.

    ** BUSINESS LOGIC – 1 Credit = R23

    Small project = 2 x credits.
    Medium project = 5 x credits
    Large project = 10 x credits

    – After being able to see the contact details, the Professional will be able to contact Susan by way of email and / or telephone, in order to send her a quotation / arrange for an onsite meeting.

    ** BUSINESS LOGIC – Contact details of any listing may only be sold to a max of 5 interested Professionals in order not to flood Susan with proposals

    Therefore, it all boils down to a system that is selling CONTACT DETAILS (Business Lead) to (max of 5 per listing).

    The system does not get involved in anything beyond this point. There is no guarantee that when the Professional purchase the credits in order to see Susan’s contact details, that he will be appointed. That only gives you the opportunity to present Susan with a quotation.

    Extra Info

    In order to supply The Customer with good quality quotes, the Professional must upload an ID, business documentation, and proof of residence. This is just a small attempt to root out a fly by night individual.

    Additionally, the Professional must be able to list his own business profile on the system as well, from where it would be possible for site visitors to locate him based on category, and location.

    Customers may also be able to rate the service of a Professional.

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