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  • I’m about to install wordpress and am on step 2 of the installation instructions and my questions are:

    Do I change the name of my database?

    Is my username and password the same as my ftp login?


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  • just do this
    in wp-config.php file you have

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’); // The name of the database
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username’); // Your MySQL username
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’);

    create your database and provide its name, username and password here.

    Thank you for responding but this adds nothing to the famous five minute install.

    I have learned html and css but am very ignorant to server side operations.

    Whenever I get on a forum to ask a question I always look to see if the same question has been asked before.


    Before you respond to another hopeless individual like me.

    Learn how to respond, you just regurgitatated the same text that wordpress provides!

    Thanks for your time but you didn’t help in the slightest.

    Except to remind me about what I don’t know.



    How do you create a blog within your site using wordpress software?

    I just want this all to work.

    Is there anyone who can break it down for me… and everybody else?


    If you live in the Cincinnati and have the answer, I’ll buy you a beer.

    Your question was answered but I’ll try a different approach

    Open the config-sample.php with notebook and do this

    In this line take out wordpress enter the name of your database
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’); // The name of the database

    In this line take out username insert the username that is associated with your database (it will not necessarily be the same as your host login)
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username’); // Your MySQL username

    In this line take out password insert the password associated with your database–again is probably not the same as your host login password
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password’);

    now check to make sure you have left no spaces between what you entered and the single quotes, save the file as config.php

    upload and move on the install portion.

    PS. no one here is paid, people answer your questions because they are sharing their knowledge, it doesn’t pay be arrogant or rude because they didn’t do it for you or answer as you had hoped.

    And the doing it for you option exists too.

    Good luck and happy blogging

    Whenever I get on a forum to ask a question I always look to see if the same question has been asked before.

    You’re one in a million if you do so. We can’t even get folks to read a post labeled “please read me first” over in land.

    I too am trying to get a blog loaded. I have a domain that is hosted through Yahoo!. A WordPress blog was an option that they provided me and so I used it. Doing that, everything was automated for me with regards to the database, username and password.

    I like the use of the WordPress blog and wanted to add it to another domain that I have through Since I have to upload the WordPress files myself, I too am confused as to what my database, username and password is.

    4K, I understand what you’re saying, but I think the problem eldereko and I are having is figring out what our database is so we can change it….and what our SQL username is so we can change it….and what password we’re to use. Is it our WordPress account password/username, or perhaps the username/password we use to access out FTP, or something else entirely? It’s just that I (probably many others) have so many web passwords and usernames, I want to make I’m using the correct one!

    Is there someplace on my server I can find this info? Or if I “view source” on the webpage, might I find it there? I apologize if this is trivial for some of you. Thank for your help.

    if you are installing on Godaddy see if this tutorial helps at all

    Sorry for the outburst.

    I was dealing with bad tech support on the host end and as well as being totally new to server side operations.

    Thanks ghanshyamgadh and to everyone else for responding.


    I’ll give heads up when I implement.

    4K, thanks for that link. I actually figured out exactly that shortly after my post. So now I’ve gotten all that taken care but I’m running into a blog subscription problems that calls for a new topic. Thanks for your help!

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