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    Your WC Vendors Pro can’t do anything that I need it to do so whats the point in buying it? It doesn’t allow previews, doesn’t allow me to set the same price for products, has wrong grammar(a artist instead of an artist). Again, what’s the point? What does the pro have to offer?

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    Our products extend the default functionality of WooCommerce to allow vendors access to these features such as product management and order management. As the marketplace admin you then control what and how the vendors access things.

    As I have stated in multiple replies to your previous posts, WooCommerce doesn’t support file previews by default therefore we do not either. You would need a third party plugin to do this. I’m not sure how many other ways I can say this.

    This is the same as the preview question, once again I have said this on multiple occasions. WooCommerce does not support setting the same price for all products by default. You would need to find a plugin to do this or create custom code to set the product price automatically. If you used our pro product this is very easy to achieve by creating your own custom product template where the prices are hard coded via a hidden field.

    The grammar issue is easy to fix right now using a translation file and in a near future update it will become a simple option.

    Our pro product provides a dashboard for your vendors with a complete front end management system removing the requirement of them accessing the WordPress admin area. We also have complex commission systems, a full shipping management interface, coupon management and more. None of this is available in our free product.

    As you dont see the value in our products, As I’ve been unable to communicate that your requirements are more related to WooCommerce than our products and you keep asking the same questions over and over, I would recommend you find another solution to your problem. If you are not a programmer, I would recommend you find someone that is capable of creating the solution you require.



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